Carrying the Kandyan Legacy forward

Besides providing accommodation with all modern amenities Kandyan Arts Residency Hotel provides many other services such as banquet facilities to large numbers of guests attending wedding receptions and conferences – The hotel is also reputed for its buffet lunches available on a daily basis where it has become customary to most travel agents to bring-in their groups for both lunch and dinner on a daily basis, as they say as the tourists find that the food is reasonably priced with a wide variety to choose from and the restaurant atmosphere is most relaxing,, overlooking a salubrious mountain range.


We have the capacity to host Banquet functions and other events. Additionally we can host you with brilliant rooms and fine dining options

Banquet Hall



The Workshop

Kandyan Arts Residency is well known for its traveler friendly hospitality and is geared with the ability to be able to meet up with any demands and information which their guests will want to know.

The first thing which comes to mind when someone talks about Kandy is the Hospitality, Kind Gesture, and the warm smile of the people. Delicious food, beautiful environment, and the brilliant weather follows. At Kandyan Arts Residency we have incorporated all these and looking forward to give you a real Kandyan Treat!

“Kandy is the place to be!”

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